Black Bandit Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip

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Size: 4" SSPolished (4"-5"-12")

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Black Bandit stainless steel exhaust tips for Performance exhaust systems

Finish off your race exhaust with a polished or satin black tip.
Our tips are universal and easy to install with a single clamping bolt. For a more secure installation, the tip can be welded to the exhaust pipe.

Our tips are available in a variety of sizes for both 4-inch and 5-inch exhaust pipes. Make sure you choose the right one, if you have any questions please contact us before purchasing.

Dimensions are based on measurements starting with the inside diameter (the size of the exhaust pipe it fits), outside diameter (the size of the hole on the exhaust side) and the total length from the attachment point to the longest point of the tip.

Example: Polished 4"-5"-12" means it has an inside diameter of 4", an outside diameter of 5", and an overall length of 12".

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Benjamin H.
Benjamin Harris

Functions perfectly! Produces a sound similar to the factory setting. The fit for the pipes was superb.