SOTF Switches for Ford Powerstroke 3.0 (2018-2019)

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Years: 2008 - 2010
2008 - 2010
2011 - 2014
2015 - 2019
2020 - 2022

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Ultimate Shift-On-The-Fly Switches for Ford Powerstroke

Experience unparalleled performance in your Ford Powerstroke with our state-of-the-art Shift-On-The-Fly (SOTF) switches. Tailored for EZ Lynk and BDX SOTF tune packages, it's the perfect addition to optimize your Ford Powerstroke 6.4L & 6.7L trucks.

Your SOTF Switch Options:

  • 🔧 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L (2008-2010) SOTF Switch: Precisely engineered for optimal performance and compatibility with the respective truck models.
  • 🔧 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L (2011-2014) SOTF Switch: Enhance the performance of your vehicle with easy switching and tuning capabilities.
  • 🔧 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L (2015-2019) SOTF Switch: Designed for seamless integration, it offers superior tunability for your truck.
  • 🔧 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L (2020-2022) COMMANDER Only SOTF Switch: Exclusively for the COMMANDER variant, ensuring perfect synchronization with your vehicle's requirements.

What Sets Our Switches Apart:

All our Ford SOTF switches, be it for EZ LYNK® or the Ford Powerstroke Performance Programmer, come equipped with:

  • > A durable aluminum knurled knob ensuring longevity and an ergonomic grip.
  • > A clear 1-5 decal for easy identification and switching.
  • > An allen wrench ensuring a hassle-free installation.
  • > High-quality split loom tubing for a clean and neat setup.

Ford Powerstroke SOTF Switch Compatibility Table:

Switch Name Years Engine Supported Color Feature Tuners Supported
Ford 6.4 2008-2010 plug and play 2008-2010 6.4L White / White Plug and Play EZ LYNK®, BDX, SCT & Ford Powerstroke Performance Programmer
Our fuel temp plug-and-play 2011-2014 6.7L Tan / White 2-pin Plug and Play EZ LYNK®, BDX, SCT & Ford Powerstroke Performance Programmer
orange and tan switch 2015-2019 6.7L Orange / Tan 5-pin Plug and Play EZ LYNK®, BDX, SCT & Ford Powerstroke Performance Programmer
Part Number: FT CAC BlueBlue (standard resistance) 2020-2022 6.7L Blue / Blue Plug and Play
Standard Resistance
GDP Commander

Note: It's imperative to select the right product for your vehicle's model and year to ensure impeccable integration and unmatched performance.


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