SOTF Switches and Cables for Dodge Ram Cummins 2019-2021

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SOTF Switches and Cables: The Ultimate Add ons for your Dodge RAM or Nissan Cummins Trucks

Take your Cummins truck performance to unmatched heights with our premium CSP5 Switch and Cable. Whether you're aiming for enhanced tunability or seeking to bypass the security gateway, we have your Cummins needs covered.

Your Options:

Check to see if you need the Ram Cummins CSP5 Switch and the 2018-2022 Cummins Bypass Cable to perfectly cater to your truck's requirements:

  • Dodge RAM Cummins CSP5 SOTF Switch (2006-2018): Features a sleek OBD II connector for a clean install. Compatible with MM3, EFILive®, and, depending on the tuner, EZ LYNK®. For EFILive® 2018+ users, our 2018-2022 Cummins Bypass Cable is essential for flashing.
  • Dodge RAM Cummins Bypass Cable (2018-2021): Essential for CSP5 tuning flashing in 2018 models, EZ LYNK adjustments, or for security gateway bypass.
  • Cummins CCV SOTF Switch for Dodge Ram (2019-2021) or Nissan Titan (2016-2019): Enjoy on-the-go tune switching with features like Valet Mode for restricted access. This switch is compatible with EFI Live and EZLynk and caters to Cummins 6.7 models and Titan XD Cummins from 2016 to 2019. Note: Requires a custom engine calibration, and calibrations are not included.
  • Nissan Titan Cummins CCV EZ-Lynk 3.0 Flash Cable (2016-2019): The EZ LYNK Auto Agent 3 Titan Cable allows full Diagnostic Function Capability on the Titan XD equipped with the Cummins 5.0L Engine.
Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Compatibility Overview:
Product 2006-2017 2018 2019-2021
Dodge RAM Cummins CSP5SOTF Switch
Dodge RAM Cummins Bypass Cable
Dodge RAM Cummins CCV SOTF Switch

Note: Ensure you have chosen the correct product for your vehicle's model and year to guarantee seamless integration and performance.

Features of the Ram Cummins CSP5 Switch:

Opt for a superior tuning experience with:

  • Compatibility with EFILive® Autocal V3, MM3, Smarty, RME & HPtuners® L5P SOTF (bracket not included).
  • Varied tuning options based on truck models, with an intuitive switch system to select between them.
  • Comprehensive installation guide ensuring you achieve the best functionality.
Dive into the 2018-2021 Cummins Bypass Cable:

Unravel the power of enhanced tuning with:

  • Multi-platform usability for varied tasks, from tuning to equipment installation.
  • An intended permanent setup that ensures the OBDII continues to operate normally.
  • Handy when using OBDII scanners or adding extra features like AMP Steps to your vehicle.
More on the CCV SOTF Switch:

What Is CCV? The Crank Case Valve (CCV) sensor enables tuners to seamlessly transition between 4/5 calibrations using SOTF Tuning (Shift-On-The-Fly), eliminating the need to halt for flashing a different tune. With options ranging from stock to performance, you're always in control.


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