S&B Cold Air Intake 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke

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filter: Cotton Cleanable
Cotton Cleanable
Dry Extendable

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Each intake kit comes with a highly efficient air filter that enhances engine performance and protects it. You can pick between an 8-layer cotton cleanable filter or a dry extendable media filter. Both have similar performance, so it comes down to whether you want to dispose of or clean the filter for reuse.


Are made from premium silicone rubber, which is a top-quality material known for its superior sealing capabilities and long-lasting durability. This includes the intake kits, air filters, couplers, and tube seals. The product is designed to resist cracking, possess excellent tear strength, and withstand high temperatures up to 400°F. Additionally, the silicone filters and couplers have a high friction surface and lack oily residue, preventing them from slipping off the tube during use.

Say goodbye to check engine lights!

S&B invests significant resources in engineering Cold Air Intakes to optimize your engine's performance, whether using stock calibration or enhanced tuning. These intake kits are carefully designed to avoid triggering check engine lights by incorporating a precisely mapped Mass Air Flow Sensor. This detailed approach guarantees seamless integration and optimal operation of the intake system, providing a dependable and easy-to-use experience.


S&B intakes undergo strict testing based on the globally recognized ISO 5011 Standard, widely used by major automakers to evaluate airflow, efficiency, and capacity. Their results from airflow testing exceed not only the stock intake systems but also competitors, outstanding in performance. S&B’s commitment to efficiency guarantees engine protection against debris while boosting air intake. Additionally, S&B carefully monitors each filter's capacity to retain dirt before requiring maintenance. By adhering to these testing protocols, S&B ensures that its intakes meet the highest industry standards and deliver superior results.

S&B stands behind the quality and S&B stands by the air filters and intake kits' quality and performance. These products are covered under S&B's Million Mile Limited Warranty when purchased from Authorized Dealers and used under normal driving conditions on compatible vehicles. In case of any defect or malfunction, S&B will provide a replacement to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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