Mercedes Sprinter 3.0L Bench-Flash Delete Tuning (2006+)

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We are offering a bench-flash delete-tune for the 2006+ 3.0L Mercedes Sprinter Vans equipped with the EDC17CP57 or EDC17CP46 PCM to disable EGR/DPF-related codes for off-road and race use.  Make sure you have this PCM part number before ordering.  We will cover shipping both ways, we will send you a shipping label to get your ECM to us and we will ship it back, the shipping price is covered but any additional broker fees are not covered although those are very rare. 

Model Versions: 

2006+ 316 CDI, 213 BlueTEC, 413 Bluetec, 413 Bluetec, 513 Bluetec, 516 Bluetech, 313 Bluetec & 2013-2017 219 Bluetec, 319 Bluetec, 519 Bluetec

Available power levels:

Stock: No power is added, and tunes run clean without much-added smoke

Stage 1: 40HP added over stock power levels, tunes run clean without much-added smoke

Stage 2: 50HP is added over stock power levels and some added smoke from the exhaust

 *Before ordering, you will need to check your PCM part number and verify that it is one of the following:
Bosch EDC16CP31
Bosch EDC17CP46
Bosch EDC17CP57
If you have a part number that is not on this list, do not order this tuner, please email us the part number of your PCM so we can verify compatibility. 

To run a delete tune all of the EGR/DPF/SCR/Adblue sensors must be unplugged and the Adblue/SCR PCM removed from the vehicle.
**DO NOT install the modified ECU with the Adblue module still plugged in or you will have error messages that cannot be removed**

  *We cannot tune over an existing tune, if your PCM was previously tuned it will need to be reverted back to stock before a new tune can be used.*

The process requires you to remove your PCM/ECU (or have it professionally removed) and ship it to us.  Before shipping it, use a permanent marker to write down your order # along with the model and model year of your vehicle.  After we receive your PCM it will take 3-5 business days for us to receive it, inspect it, flash it, and ship it back.  We will ship it back with express shipping and delivery time should be 2-3 business days.   

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