4" Exhaust DPF Delete | Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.7 11-16

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Exhaust system with DPF and CAT 4" Downpipe-Back removal

Suitable for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Ford Powerstroke 6.7 Diesel. F-Series SuperDuty pickup. Crew cab with short bed and crew cab with long bed. Not suitable for commercial Cab & Chassis trucks.

Exhaust material - comes in aluminized steel or T-409 stainless steel. Aluminized steel is the most popular, but it will rust over time. T-409 stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel T-304, it is still magnetic. So if you are checking to see if you really have stainless steel, keep in mind that the magnet will still stick to it. We recommend using stainless steel if you run your truck regularly on salty winter roads. Use the drop down menu to make your desired selection.

Installation - Installation takes about 1 hour using basic hand tools on your driveway or garage lot. Faster if you have a car elevator. A trim may be required for installation on a shorter wheelbase. Clamps, hangers, and fasteners are included. You may have to reuse some of the factory fasteners.

Fuel mileage - Expect a significant increase in fuel mileage. If your DPF is clogged, you probably average about 13-14 miles per hour. More or less depending on the degree of clogging. After removing the DPF/CAT, expect a combined mileage of 18-19 mpg. Big tires and poor driving habits will result in lower mileage.

Tuner required - Removal of DPF, CAT, SCR and/or DOC includes removal and elimination of emission related sensors. A tuner with DPF removal capability is required to prevent engine warning lights or diagnostic trouble codes. If you don't already have a tuner with DPF removal capability, we recommend the H&S Mini Maxx.

Installation Instructions.
Flo Pro - 853NB & SS853NB (straight pipe)
MBRP / P1 Race Parts - C6260PLM & C6260SLM (straight pipe)

6.7 DPF Delete Ford Powerstroke

In the realm of Ford Powerstroke Diesel trucks, the 4″ Exhaust DPF Delete for the 6.7L engine from 2011 to 2016 stands out as a game-changing modification. Let's delve into the world of DPF delete, exploring the unique features for each year and understanding the advantages for both F250 and F350 models.

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Powerstroke DPF Delete

2011 Powerstroke DPF Delete: The Pioneer

The 2011 Powerstroke marked the debut of the 6.7L engine, representing a new era for Ford trucks. DPF delete for the 2011 model focuses on improving exhaust flow, unlocking hidden power potential. With the removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter, drivers experience a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque, transforming their driving experience.

2012-2013 Powerstroke DPF Delete: Evolution Continues

Building on the success of the 2011 model, the 2012-2013 Powerstroke DPF delete further refines performance. This period sees advancements in tuning and exhaust system design, maximizing the benefits of the DPF delete. Drivers enjoy improved fuel efficiency and a more responsive throttle, making the 2012-2013 models a sought-after choice for enthusiasts.

2014-2016 Powerstroke DPF Delete: Fine-Tuning Performance

As the years progress, so does the sophistication of the DPF delete for the 2014-2016 Powerstroke. Fine-tuning becomes the focus, with manufacturers optimizing exhaust systems to complement engine upgrades. The result is a harmonious balance between power, efficiency, and the distinctive diesel growl that defines the Powerstroke experience.

F250 and F350 DPF Delete

Advantages on F250: Power and Versatility

The F250, equipped with the 6.7L Powerstroke engine, undergoes a transformation with the DPF delete. Owners can expect a substantial increase in power and torque, making towing and hauling tasks more manageable. The enhanced exhaust flow not only improves performance but also contributes to better fuel efficiency, catering to both the power-hungry and the economically minded F250 driver.

Advantages on F350: Towing Confidence

For the F350, known for its heavy-duty towing capabilities, the DPF delete becomes a crucial upgrade. The removal of exhaust restrictions translates into increased towing confidence. Whether hauling trailers, equipment, or fifth-wheel RVs, the F350 experiences improved throttle response and power delivery, ensuring that no task is too challenging.

DPF Delete 6.7 Powerstroke Recommendations

As enthusiasts explore the world of DPF delete for the 6.7 Powerstroke, some key recommendations guide this transformative journey:

Professional Installation:

For optimal results and to ensure compliance with local regulations, professional installation is recommended. Trained technicians can navigate the intricacies of the DPF delete process, guaranteeing a seamless integration with the existing exhaust system.

Tuning Considerations:

Pairing the DPF delete with custom tuning is highly recommended. Tuning allows for the recalibration of the engine control unit (ECU), maximizing the benefits of the DPF delete. It's a crucial step in achieving the desired balance of power, efficiency, and reliability.

Research Local Regulations:

Before undertaking a DPF delete, it's essential to research and understand local emissions regulations. While the upgrade offers performance benefits, ensuring compliance with environmental standards is paramount.

Choose Reputable Products:

Selecting a reputable DPF delete kit from trusted manufacturers is key. Quality materials, precision engineering, and compatibility with specific model years contribute to a successful DPF delete installation.

In conclusion, the 4″ Exhaust DPF Delete for the Ford Powerstroke Diesel 6.7 from 2011 to 2016 is more than a modification; it's a journey into unlocking the true potential of these iconic trucks. With careful consideration, professional installation, and a commitment to compliance, the DPF delete becomes a gateway to a driving experience that transcends expectations. Embrace the power, feel the torque, and revel in the distinctive rumble of a Powerstroke liberated from factory constraints.

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