Ford Powerstroke 3.0L – Cat & DPF Delete Pipe (2018-2020)

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Vehicle Fitment

Vehicle Fitment

YEAR: 2018, 2019, 2020




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Unveil the hidden prowess of your 2018, 2019, 2020 Ford Powerstroke 3.0L with our state-of-the-art Cat & DPF Delete Pipe. Tailored for off-road use, this elite enhancement is crafted to magnify your car's exhaust system efficiency, accelerating ability and fuel economy to new heights.

Product Details for 3.0 Powerstroke Cat Delete Pipe

Constructed from durable 409 Stainless Steel, our Cat Delete Pipe stands as a paragon of durability and corrosion resistance. 

This full kit features:

  • A 3" downpipe that extends into 3.5" high-flow piping.
  • Elimination of the factory catalytic converter and DPF, fostering significant exhaust flow improvements.
  • A design that markedly decreases exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) and augments engine performance.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Performance Boost: Optimizes exhaust flow, reducing back pressure for increased horsepower and torque.
  • Fuel Economy: Improves fuel mileage by alleviating DPF-induced restrictions.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality Stainless Steel for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary components for a hassle-free setup.
  • Compliance Reminder: Intended for off-road use only; check local regulations.

More Performance with EGR and Muffler Compatibility

Integrating the EGR system and the factory muffler with our premier cat delete pipe 3.0 for the Ford Powerstroke enhances your vehicle's exhaust efficiency dramatically. The ford 3.0 cat delete pipe is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with your truck's existing EGR and muffler setup, ensuring a smooth and powerful ride. By opting for the cat delete pipe 3.0 Powerstroke, you're not just upgrading your exhaust system; you're also paving the way for improved engine response and a richer, more robust exhaust note.

Vehicle Fitment

Precision-engineered for 2018-2020 Ford F150 3.0L pickups. Ensuring an impeccable fit and seamless integration with your truck's existing exhaust setup.


Refer to the List of Vehicle Fitment for compatible models.

Detailed Information About 3.0 Cat Delete Pipe 2018-2020

Advantages of installing our Cat & DPF Delete Pipe include:

  • A noticeable increase in fuel mileage and engine performance. Trucks previously averaging 13-14 mpg due to DPF limitations can see improvements to 18-19 mpg combined.
  • Elimination of regular DPF maintenance and potential for costly repairs, offering diesel owners reliability and peace of mind.

Quick Install Instructions

Installation highlights:

  • Approximately one hour installation time with basic hand tools.
  • Includes all necessary clamps, hangers, and hardware for a swift installation. Some factory hardware may be reused.
  • Note: A race tuner is required to prevent check engine lights or diagnostic codes post-installation.

Important Note: This product is exclusively intended for off-road applications. Removing emissions equipment is illegal in some jurisdictions. Verify local laws before purchase.

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